#BreakThings: Who Needs a Refill?


Emotional hangovers are real.

After a tough couple of days, I retreated to my bedroom last night to just have some quiet. But this morning, I still feel a little depleted.

We talk a lot about how to “fill our cups.” We talk about seeing friends who lift our spirits, making meals that we’ll enjoy, or watching a TV show that will make us laugh. Maybe we go deeper, diving into a podcast or a therapy session to help us rebuild ourselves from the inside out. But what do you do when the cup never seems to refill?

Several of you reached out yesterday by DM or Instagram message to say you connected with this feeling that you’re roping a tornado. So I imagine that there are women out there who also feel like they’re running on fumes.

It’s easy to say that the emptiness we’re feeling is just 2020. This year has taken so much from all of us. But I’m beginning to realize that 2020 didn’t cause most of these feelings, so much as it revealed them in stark relief.

I can honestly say that this year has exposed a lot of cracks in the foundation of my life. And I’m struggling to know how to patch them, especially when it’s so hard just to get through the week in one piece.

The one thing I’m certain of is that whatever it takes, some of these things have to change. And now seems like a good time for some healing.

So I’m going to start small. Re-building the foundations of your life the right way is a marathon, not a sprint.

Office politics didn’t take a holiday just because it’s 2020. Ask a Boss from The Cut has a pressing reader questions: Should I buy my Boss a Christmas gift? Read her answer, here.

Sitting all day can negatively impact your health. But according to The New York Times, there is good news for us who sit too much at work and then sit on the sofa at night. Just 11-minutes of exercise per day can counteract the effects of sitting.

I love this hat. It’s a phrase that I use way, way too much in my line of work. And it makes a fun co-worker gift. See the rest of my gifts for your work wife, here.

Do you have straight hair? Curly hair? Do you wash every other day or once a week? Regardless of hair type and wash preferences, you need a good dry shampoo or dry conditioner in your life. And Allure is finally here to explain the difference and recommend the best ones.

We have fallen into a sad desk lunch trap in my house. Yesterday, I had a jam and cheese sandwich on leftover Thanksgiving rolls. It’s getting desperate.

If you’re struggling with ideas for a better lunch break, Real Simple has a list of 15 fabulous sandwiches to spruce up your daily meal.

Okay, Homer, this one is hitting a close for comfort.

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