#BreakThings: Fri-Yay


Today, I experienced the rare bliss of believing it’s Thursday only to discover that it is actually Friday. It was like finding a Barbie Dream House under the Christmas tree.

So let’s head right into the #BreakThings so I can start my weekend with a chilly walk around the neighborhood, a glass of leftover wine, and a two loads of laundry. Because while it may be Fri-Yay, it is still 2020.

Engagement season begins with six little words in this New York Times piece.

If you need a break this weekend, take a ‘device vacation.’ Well + Good has tips for how to reduce your screen time and how to fill the void that Instagram leaves behind.

I haven’t been feeling very festive this holiday season. But if I don’t complete a gift guide, my husband will try to buy my gift without my input, and that cannot be allowed to happen. (Oh honey, thank you, I love vanilla-scented candles… Why do the hard to shop for always get candles? Asking for a friend.)

Is your end of year review coming up? NBCNews has the best recap of how to prepare, how to advocate for yourself, and how to impress your boss in your review. #nailedit

My cookie game is on point, but I always love a good tip to improve my holiday baking. The WaPost has several good suggestions for novice and experienced bakers. But let me just co-sign the tip about ‘lining your pans'. It’s a game changer.

Can you decorate your entire apartment with Facebook Marketplace finds? One woman did and detailed her experience for Apartment Therapy. Here are her best tips and tricks for getting your decor right for a discount.

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